Prepare your visit at HAPIK

Are there changing rooms, lockers and showers?
Yes, we have a mixed changing room. There you will find lockers and coat hooks for your belongings. Valuables can be stored in lockers. We do not have showers.

What do I need to bring for climbing?
Clean sports shoes or trainers are required for climbing. You also need comfortable clothing without loose parts (hoods, ribbons, etc.).

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Questions on climbing

Is it really safe?
Yes, we ensure your safety with a carabiner with key-lock principle and automatic abseiling devices. Carabiners and abseiling devices are state of the art and are checked regularly.

Is there a weight limit?
The fall arrest systems are authorised for a range from 10 kg to a maximum of 120 kg.

Are children under the age of 4 allowed in the climbing area?
For insurance and safety reasons, children under the age of 4 are not permitted in the climbing area. They can watch the climbers from the viewing platform.

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Questions about child supervision

Is a declaration of consent required for children?
Children between the ages of 12 and 18 who wish to use our climbing area without an accompanying person need a declaration of consent from their parents.

Do accompanying persons also have to pay?
If you are not climbing, you do not have to pay. Accompanying persons do not have to be named when booking.

What is my task as an accompanying person?
Accompanying persons must ensure that the rules explained in the safety briefing are observed by the children. In particular, it is important to check that the climbers are correctly secured.

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Questions about our children's birthday parties

I do not yet know the exact number of participants. What do I enter when booking?
Please estimate the approximate number of participants. Cancellation of individual participants is possible free of charge up to 48 hours in advance. Subsequent bookings are only possible if there is sufficient capacity.

Can I bring my own food and drink, e.g. a birthday cake?
You may bring your own birthday cake for packages M and L. Please note that there are no cooling facilities for your cake. Bringing other food and drinks is only permitted as part of package M.

What does "pizza slice" for each child mean in package L?
For environmental reasons, we bake large pizzas for the birthdays. We calculate with ¼ pizza per child.

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