You can´t ignore the laws of gravity

  • Climbing at Hapik does not require any previous experience, everything important will be explained to you during the safety briefing. This is compulsory before every visit.
  • With the key on your harness you can easily hook into the fully automatic belay device.
  • Our abseiling equipment and carabiners are state of the art and are checked every morning before you enter the hall.
  • Climbing is possible from the age of 4. Younger children are not allowed in the climbing area for insurance reasons.


This is how a visit works at HAPIK

An example - you have booked the briefing at 10:

  • 9:45: Arrival at HAPIK, registration, time to change outfits
  • 10:00: Start of safety briefing
  • 10:30: Start of climbing time
  • 11:30: End of climbing time, time to gather strength at the snack bar

So plan a total time of about 2 hours for you visit at HAPIK.



needed for all kids under 12 years

  • All children under the age of 12 must be accompanied to the climbing arena by an adult.
  • As an accompanying person, you do not pay an entrance fee if you do not wish to climb yourself.
  • As an accompanying person, you are responsible for ensuring that the climbing rules are observed by the children. In particular, you check that the children are properly secured.
  • Depending on the age of the children, you can supervise a maximum of 4 climbers at the same time.

Consent form

Consent form

Independent climbing with the consent of your parents

Children between the ages of 12 and 18 who wish to use our climbing area without an accompanying person need a consent form from their parents.

Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied to the climbing arena by an adult. This person is responsible for the supervision of the child. Accompanying persons who are not themselves the child's legal guardians must obtain their consent. This can also be done verbally.

The same applies to groups of children. Here, it is the responsibility of the group leader to obtain the parents' consent.

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Consent form

Book you ticket online

and directly start off into adventure

Please reserve you climbing tickets directly in our online shop. This also works on short notice on the same day. If you come by without booking, there may be longer waiting times, especially on rainy days or weekends. We will then note you for the next available climbing time.

You can also cancel your tickets free of charge up to 48 hours in advance or adjust the number of people if something comes up.

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What do I wear for climbing?

comfortable clothes and clean shoes

Casual sportswear is the best choice, but comfortable everyday clothes are also fine. You need clean indoor shoes or trainers on your feet. Flip-flops or sandals are not allowed for safety reasons. Jewellery and hoodies must also be removed. If you have long hair, please put it in a braid.

We have changing rooms with lockers and coat hooks. You can store your valuables in lockers. We do not have showers.

Eat & Drink
Eat & Drink

Eat and Drink

Climbing makes you thirsty and hungry

That's why there's a free water dispenser in the climbing arena to refresh you between climbs. After climbing, you can visit our snack bar on the first floor. In addition to coffee and drinks, you can also get pizza, tarte flambée, hot dogs and many other snacks. By the way, from there you have a good view of what's happening in the climbing arena.

So you leave your own food and drinks at home.

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How to find us

Car? Bike? Public transport?

All centers have their own car park directly in front of the door. If the car park is full, there are plenty of parking spaces along the neighbouring streets.

Are you coming by bike? No problem, we also have bicycle racks in front of the door.

Our halls are also easy to reach by bus and train. Please find more information on the page of center.

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