WITHDRAWAL AND CANCELLATION of ERLEBNISreich GmbH – HAPIK Germany, Headquarters at Essenheimer Strasse 26A, 55270 Ober-Olm as the operator of the climbing gyms Hapik Frankfurt (Am Häuserbach 2 in 61184 Karben) and Hapik Mainz (Athener Allee 10 in 55129 Mainz).

(1) The customer is entitled to withdraw from this contract before the agreed start of the service. In the event of withdrawal, the customer is required to make the following payments to ERLEBNISreich GmbH:

* for withdrawal up to 2 days before the start of the service: 0% of the implementation costs
* thereafter: 50% of the implementation costs
* for non-attendance on the same day: 100% of the implementation costs

(2) The start of the service is considered to be the start of events and in general the day on which ERLEBNISreich GmbH is obliged to provide the contractually owed service.

(3) Withdrawal must generally be made in writing by post or email, and in the case of cancellations at short notice also by phone with confirmation. The date the withdrawal declaration is received by ERLEBNISreich GmbH is the key date for calculating the deadline.

(4) The withdrawal payments do not apply to services provided by ERLEBNISreich GmbH in the context of the sale or rental of goods. For such contracts, a lump sum amounting to 40% of the agreed price is to be paid by the customer in the event of withdrawal from the contract.

(5) The withdrawal payments have been determined taking into account the expenses typically saved. Both contracting parties are free to prove higher or lower damage.

(6) If the event is significantly impeded, endangered or impaired due to force majeure not foreseeable at the time the contract was concluded, both ERLEBNISreich GmbH and the customer may terminate the contract. If the contract is terminated, ERLEBNISreich GmbH may demand appropriate compensation for services already provided or still to be provided to complete the event.

(7) For each withdrawal by ERLEBNISreich GmbH, the liability of ERLEBNISreich GmbH towards the customer is limited to an amount of 10% of the agreed price.